Not fair.. not fair at all…

Marie did this wonderful thing.. she mistreated her windows.  I’m officially jealous.  I wanna Hobby Lobby or a JoAnns or a Walmart with a semi decent fabric department.  Its just not fair.. I’m gonna pout!!  I even went out today after reading on several blogs about all of the wondeful thrifting finds they had found.  I went to four stores.. I found nothing an apple wedger.  Not exactly what I was looking for.. and I’m not even keeping it.  I’m giving it to my Mom for my Nephew to use.   I just want to find something to spur my imagination.. I’m feeling like I want to re-arrange the furniture, but really, there isn’t anywhere else to put anything with my floorplan.. I guess, what I’m saying.. I just wan to whine!!

  What I am going to do.. go outside!  Its semi-nice outside today and I want to clean off the back patio.  The winter has done its share of dammage and I want to get it ready for spring… that’s what I’ll do.. I’ll clean.. that’s good…

Messy Patio

Back of the house


Okay now.. I’m gonna get off my butt.. and do it! 



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4 responses to “Not fair.. not fair at all…

  1. I’m jealous too, can I come pout?

    We don’t have anything for 90 miles (cept wal-mart and they did away with most of their fabrics).

  2. Hey, I did that yesterday. I bought a cheap round vinyl tablecloth, 4 plastic placemats, cleaned the patio, put the stuff on the table, and voila…a brand new patio!

  3. Awww! What a nice post! :o) Thanks for… being jealous? lmao I really DO like how the mistreatments turned out so it’s nice to know it’s just not me. I can totally relate to not having a fabric store close- believe me! I have to drive to Florida for everything!Did you get your patio all done? All I have is a slab of concrete outside my back door and it cleans up in 2.5 seconds.

  4. I know what you mean – what happened to all the great fabric stores? There is a Joanne’s 4 towns over but I hate going there. There is only one person working every time I’m there and the wait is horrible.

    I’m going through some cleaning pains and cravings of change myself. Guess it’s just that time of year.

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