Pictures from Seattle (photo rich!)

Ali, Allie and Bob

Ali, Allie and Bob on the Ferry to Seattle

Bob and Chris

Bob and Chris at the Crab Pot

Ali and Allie

Ali and Allie Drawing on the Butcher Paper

Joey and Jojo

The Boys.. Joey and Jojo

Hubs and I

Hubs and I.. Was this before or after we ate.. I think I’m hitting the Treadmill this week!!!

The Feast!!

A Whole Lot of Seafood.. and Butter!!!

Ali, Allie and Joey

Ali, Allie and Joey on the Pig Statue at Pikes Place Market

On the Pig @ Pikes Place

Ali and Jojo.. He didn’t want  his picture taken

Pikes Place

The famous Pikes Place Sign


These are the only pictures that turned out well.. I don’t know what was up with my flash.. but all of my Underground Pictures turned out horrible!  I guess we’ll have to go back!!




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4 responses to “Pictures from Seattle (photo rich!)

  1. You guys always have a great time. Look at all that seafood. Did it all get eaten?

    Does Pike’s Place Market have a fish market where they throw the fish? If it is, next time you go there, you should get some shots!

  2. Gina

    Ali and Jojo are so cute. In fact, all four of you make a cute little family!

  3. Oh, great photos! And all that seafood…yummy…I can hardly wait for lobster season to start back here!

    I am always the photographer in our house. I’m in very few photos. Probably a good thing…

  4. Wow… that’s a lot of seafood! Looks like a fun trip.

    I like your new blog layout too 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

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