While I was gone…

WordPress changed!!  Lordy.. I’m just getting the hang of all of this and WHAMO, they go and change everything.   I sorta feel like my first day in January blogging, just trying to find my way around the new stuff they added, which is more like re-arranging the old stuff.  I had a heck of a time trying to find my blogroll, which is now called links~  who knew????  Took me 5 minutes just to find them!!  And the spellcheck.. still can’t find that button!  Anyone???   So.. now I’m back, and I’m going to try to be a better blogger!!

  So.. today is my first day of freedom again!!  Whoo hooo!  Spring break is over and Hubs is back to work.  We had a good time.. made a few little trips, and now everyone and everything is back to normal, whatever that is!!!  Tuesday we went up to Bellingham, WA.  We were looking for Big Lots.  My favorite Retail Junk store.  I found a set of dishes that I wanted.. didn’t buy them because they only had service for 4, AND the box was totally shredded, who knows what was broken in there.. I was totally bummed!  It was good though, I certainly don’t need ANY more dishes right now.  Where would I keep them???  See this post for more info on that… Busy Morning  You will see, I DO NOT NEED any more dishes.  We did wander the store for quite a while and picked up a few bowls and plates that match Hub’s poker glasses I bought last summer.  He loves poker.. someday we’ll have a space for him to have a real poker room.  Until then, I’m stockpiling stuff for it!  I bought a couple of things for grilling this summer, including a bbq baster that screws ontop of a bbq sauce bottle~ What a great idea!!  Wish I would have thought of that one!!  We had lunch at Quizno’s.. our favorite Sandwich place, then headed out to Burlington/Mt. Vernon.  We stopped by the Antique Barn.  I’ve been wanting to stop there for awhile, but haven’t.. didn’t find a darn thing!  Why is it that everything that is Old is Antique in this world?  Even if its just junk??  I’m looking for some  plates for my bedroom.  I wanna be like the Nester and have the look she has over her bed with all of the plates.. so cool!  Marie has plates hung on her walls too.   Anywhoo.. I didn’t find anything.. but I will still look.  The fun is in the hunt, right?  I’m also on the lookout for cream colored plates.. not to use in this house with my cream colored walls.. but for my next (hopefully our last) home.  I have big plans!  We are hoping to buy the house I grew up in from my Mom.. it’s over 100 years old, and beautiful woodwork throughout.. so my mind is already on my next home.. its the Navy Way!!!  Not even here a year yet~  *Sigh*  Whoops!  Got off topic.. back to Burlington.. we headed to the mall and got Alissa her promised Webkinz.   Any of you with kids.. are these popular with yours?  They are Alissa’s obsession!  Anytime she saves some money she’s buying a webkinz.  She got 2 this spring break.  The Duck and the Schnauzer.  I’ve tried to post the picture.. wordpress isn’t loading them.. I’ll try later on~  We had to get back to the Island for Baseball/ Softball practice so we scooted home.    On Thursday we took a trip down to Seattle with some friends.  We took the Seatlle Underground tour.. AWESOME!!  We had a great time!!  If any of you are ever up here, I recomend it.. and ask for ED as your tour guide.. the best!!!  I never knew so much about Seattle!  My pictures didn’t turn out.. don’t know why that pesky flash didn’t work.. they say it’s haunted.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… (insert creapy music here!!!)  Here’s a link to some photo’s I found online.. Seattle Underground Photo’s and the Wikipedia Description  They both give you a little bit of the history of Seattle.  It was a lot of fun.  From there we went to The Crab Pot for lunch.. YUM YUMM YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!  We had a ball!  Lots of food, good friends.. lots of laughing!!  After alllll of that food, we took a walk up to Pikes Place Market.. my favorite place in Seattle!!  We had a coffee, At Tully’s, the Starbucks was soooo packed we couldn’t even get inside.. that’s why the photo was from across the street. I vow that I will go back and have coffee there sometime.  But the Tully’s was great.. I had a Non-fat Almond Joy Mocha.  We walked and walked.. when we noticed the time, it was time to head out before traffic.. so alas, our trip to Seattle was over~!!  Those were our 2 Spring Break outings.. Although Hubs and I did take off in the Miata on Friday night, (both kids were at sleepover’s) grabbed some Dairy Queen (we had our first date at DQ) and went down to the shore and watched the sunset.. well, we would have watched it if it wasn’t so darned cloudy!!  We took a long drive and had a fun time with each other.  We certainly don’t do that enough~ 
****Pictures to follow

  So.. back to Monday.. back to real life, laundry, vacuuming and baseball.. and softball.  Jojo has his first game scheduled tonite near Everett.  He and I will go, Hubs will stay back and take Ali to Softball Practice.  Ahh.. life goes on, huh??  I’m glad to be back to bloggin!!  What’s up with all of you???



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4 responses to “While I was gone…

  1. I went into FAQ and found out spell check has a bug and is not available until they work out the glitches. Until then, I guess you have to rely on good on Webster.

    When you have trouble editing comments or going back to edit after your post is published, ask me. I found out how to do that.

    We have Big Lots down here. It used to be called, “Pick ‘N Save”. Since they changed to Big Lots, the junk got more expensive.

  2. Sounds like a nice time. Our spring vacation is coming up in another 2 weeks. Darling Daughter and I are getting away with friends for a couple of nights – I’m SOOO looking forward to it.

  3. Oh you are back! :o) And I hardly recognized you! FTR… each time we move Big Lots is one of the first places I mapquest. It’s hit or miss (mostly miss) but I love me a bargain!

    And. My daughter looooooves Webkins. Over Christmas at the NEX they had the little Webkins “Buy 1 get one FREE”. Yes, FREE. So.. I bought a few. And got a few free.

  4. Gina

    Sounds like a very fun week–especially the tour of Seattle. Once Cliff and I took a tour of Memphis on one of those tour guides and it was so much fun and we learned a lot. I love plates too. We have a Big Lots too and I love to go to it. They must be all over the country!! Hehe I know children in Memphis LOVE Webkinz. I guess it’s the newest Cabbage Patch Doll-type phase.

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