Had to do this Meme.. fun!

I was tagged by Kathy @ Kathy Likes Pink to do this Meme.. it’s called

The Story of Us

How long have you been together?

Hubs and I met on December 21, 1990.  Wow!  Seventeen years now.  I was 20 years old..
How long did you date?

We dated for 4 months, then got engaged.  We were engaged for just over a year before we got married.  Half of that he was in Puerto Rico (how sad, huh?)
How old is he?

He is 38, I’m 37..

Who said “I love you” first?

He did.. then I giggled and said I loved him too!

Who is taller?

Him.. he’s 6′, I’m 5′ 5”.. and like Kathy.. you’d better not ask who is wider!!

Who is smarter?

Hmm.. I guess it would depend on the subject!!

Who does the laundry?

Uh, me.. unless he needs to throw in something for himself.. usually one item!!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?


Who pays the bills?

I do.. online of course.

Who mows the lawn?

Our son!!

Who cooks dinner?

I do, I love to cook!!  Unless we are grilling something.. he’s the grill master~

Who is more stubborn?

Oh.. we both are.. I’m a scorpio, he’s an Aquarious ( I swear he’s a taurus, but nope.. )

Who kissed who first?

He kissed me first.  (ditto Kathy!!)

Who asked who out?

He did.. I was at work and he kept coming in, buying gum.. finally worked up the courage to ask me out!!!

Who proposed?

He did.

Who is more sensitive?

I am.. definitely, tough Navy guy and all


Okay.. this is an open tag!  Let me know if you fill it out~  have fun!


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