Ugh.. I’m having a blah day.. blah blah blah~!  Ever have one of these days?  I have laundry to do, I have a house that could use a little attention.. and what have I done??  Well, other than watch “The Queen” on On Demand.. hardly a thing!!!  Its a cloudy day, its cold outside.. blah!  I’m not exactly sure why I’m posting.. I guess so I can say, “At least I blogged today.. ” LOL!  Have any of  you watched “The Queen”?   I rented it when it came out on video and never got to watch it.  So, today I sat down and watched it.. alone~!  I thought it was great.. and it gave me a new view on the Monarchy.  I always pictured the Queen Mum as such a sweet lady.. not so in the movie!!  And Prince Phillip.. hmm… I guess I figured he was like the Queen Mum.  I was impressed by it, and I’m glad I finally got to watch it.  I do feel guilty that not even one load of laundry got done, but what the heck, I never  hardly ever , well, I try not to watch movies during the week!  LOL!!!  But, when else could I watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” or “The Queen” without any interruptions, deep sighs, or eye rolling… so, I will continue to watch movies during the day, occasionally!

   I do have to take Ali to softball practice today.. her first of the year.  Jojo starts next week… I don’t think anyone told anyone that its cold outside.. Not exactly Baseball weather.  In my mind.. baseball is when its HOT!  I always am reminded of something that another mother told me when we lived in Port Orchard.. “If we don’t play in the rain, we don’t play!”   Well, since my kids love it.. they play in the rain.  So, I’ll probably bring my last library book to read while they are practicing.  She hates it when I watch.. its that pre-teen thing.  I’m just hoping that at least ONE girl that she knows from school is on her team.  Her coach seems very nice though.. Updates on this activity to come!!

  Dinner tonight is Meatball sandwiches and Tater tots.  I also made a salad so that we have a little green in there~  I stuck the meatballs and sauce in the crockpot at noon, so dinner will be ready when we get home~



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3 responses to “Wednesday..

  1. I have not seen The Queen, but it’s on my list. Memoirs of a Geisha was great. If you like tear jerkers, rent The Joy Luck Club. I cried through the whole thing. ‘

    Meatball sandwiches. Mmmmmmm. I’m getting hungry.

  2. I totally understand the movie during the week thing. My movie tastes are completely different from the rest of the family. And while I compromise enough to sit through theirs, somehow it doesn’t get reciprocated without a lot of deep sighs and smart alec comments. Gotta love that ON DEMAND thing!

    I saw THE QUEEN in the theater. I had read many years ago that she was a rather cold, stand-offish woman, but I had no idea that Prince Phillip was such a knucklehead. Just goes to show that a royal blood line ain’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

  3. Gina

    I thought The Queen was pretty good. I found it interesting how the public, Tony Blair and politics in general forced her to acknowledge Diana’s death publicly.
    I have those blah days quite often. HA
    Keep us updated on ball practice! The meatball sandwiches sound good!

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