Monday~ (and Tuesday!!)

**Edit:  This was complete on Monday.. then, our cable went out.. was out alllllllll day!** 

What a great title?  Don’t you think?  Personally.. some Monday’s I love!  Today is one of them.  We spent allllll day yesterday in the car, well, at least most of it!  And me, without my camera!!

  We left home around 10:00 yesterday morning.. Planned on leaving at 9:00, forgot to set our alarm!   We headed down to the ferry which is about a 30 minute drive.  Good thing we didn’t leave early though, because we didn’t look at cancellations and the 10:30 ferry was cancelled because the tide was so low~  But we got there.. we waited, and waited, and waited.. and finally the ferry got there, we left at noon. 

This isn’t our ferry.. but one that is similar.  We’ve had a lot of trouble with our ferry’s here in Washington the past few months.. and this one just got car service back after a few months without it!  So, we docked at the Picture Perfect town of Port Townsend..

The heart of downtown Port Townsend, seen from the water.  Here is a view from the water.. Thank You Google Images!!

From there we drove South to Gig Harbor (driving through Port Orchard, where we used to live)     Here is Gig Harbor.

  While we were there.. we bought this..

  Its a 1995 Mazda Miata!  Its my Anniversary Gift/Better Gas Milage car!  Yeah~!!!!!  Or it’s what I call.. My Motorcycle!  This isn’t the one we got, but it’s as close as I can find on Google Images!  I’ll post more pictures when we pick it up next weekend…

 After test driving the car and getting to know the GREAT couple that are selling it we were STARVING!  So, we went over this… Tacoma Narrows Bridge.. We hadn’t been on the  new Bridge.. so that was fun, as fun as crossing a bridge on a windy day can be… lol!  Then onto food!!!  We had to make a stop at one of our favorites…  and we did.. we did taste the Joy in our Panda Express!  Its the little things in life that make us happy when we don’t have them available to us all of the time!  After stuffing ourselves with Fatty Yummmmmy Chinese food we headed here…

   Yeah!!  Who doesn’t love a trip to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon??  Obviously everyone in Seattle had the same plan as us!  We fondly call Ikea, herd shopping.  You follow the arrows, along with everyone else.. like you are being herded through the store!  Don’t get me wrong, We LOVE this store!!  We were there to buy bedroom furniture for my son.. a 14 year old boy.. who doesn’t care!  Crazy Child!!!  We settled on this… Its a Black-brown color in full size.  And this… Just the one on the left, with the dog.. also in Black-brown.  We got him the nightstand too.. boy it was so much fun being there with cranky kids, and cranky hubs.. and we got the very last bed…

  I also picked up a few  Bag clips

and a pair of scissors,  one of these Kitchen Dish Scrubber.. I like these.. they have suction on the bottom of it.  Fun with Dish washing!!!  And this… New cutting board.. mine was gross… I won’t even go into that!!  Oh yeah.. had to get SOMETHING for the little princess… so she picked out  a Green (not the color I would have picked out) Mosquito Netting ring for her room.. We’ll see what it looks like when we get it up this week..

Then we paid, we loaded the stuff up.. and we came home..

 Windmill in Oak Harbor..  Like I said.. I’m glad its Monday and I can be home!!

Soooo.. what did you do on Sunday???



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5 responses to “Monday~ (and Tuesday!!)

  1. I loooooove Ikea! Their customer service stinks though. :o/ Anyway, my office furniture is Ikea (well, most of it)… I’ll post a picture of it later.

    Thanks for the comment earlier- I got the cloches at Ross and Pottery Barn for $8 and $14, respectively.

    Congrats on the new car! Smokin’!! Your pictures made me miss WA a LOT. Oh… we spent 18 months in Hawaii…hope your husband likes it!

  2. Hooray for google images :)! Love your new car! My mom use to drive one, and we’d take it to the Home Depot whenever we needed lumber–it was as good as any truck!

    I am trying to get someone to loan me a few million dollars so I can open an IKEA here. Want to chip in :)?! I have to settle for ordering from there now, and their stuff doesn’t always arrive in tip-top shape. Ah well. Glad you enjoyed your trip there!

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment. It feels so good to be almost back to myself again.

  3. My ideal day would just be going to Ikea, and yes having lunch.
    But then again, the Ferry ride looks kinda neat, and the scenery.

    Forget it, you had a wonderful day from start to finish, except the late Ferry.

  4. Unfortunately my Sunday felt like work, primarily because of the time change. Had to get up early to get down to church because some folks were not going to be able to make it and I had to fill in (it was a special Sunday as we had new people joining our church that day). Then at 2pm I had Youth Group, with junior and senior high school students; which was going to be run by three adults but the other two couldn’t be there, so it was just me – and I wasn’t even the planner of this event, so it was a tad stressful.

    I look forward a more relaxing weekend soon!

    I’m from the pacific northwest and your pictures sure do make me homesick!

  5. Gina

    What a fun trip!! Wash. looks beautiful! The car is so cute. I love Chinese food. I want to go to Ikea!! 🙂

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