Google Image Tag

This is a fun tag that I found on The Peterson’s Go Public.. You have to answer the following questions, but you can only do it with Google images–none of your own photos–not even when it asks for a picture of you.

what fun!!!

Here I go:::

1. My favorite Song:   Chains of Love, by Erasure.. it has always been my favorite song.. well, since it came out when I was in High School!!

I also have another one..  Summertime by Kenny Chesney.  My WHOLE little family knows all of the words to this one!!  EVEN HUBS!

2. my favorite author:   Debbie Macomber.  She even lives in Port Orchard, WA.  I used to live there!!!  Who knows, maybe we were neighbors??

3. My favorite Dessert:   Brownies.. in ALL of their chocolaty gooeyness.. yum!

4. Where I live:  Whidbey (Windy) Island, WA

5. My Job:  Mom     (sure I am)

6. My Favorite Color:   RED!!!  I LOVE RED!!!

7. Favorite Animal:    I Love me Some ESKIE KISSES!!  Little white balls of fluff who love their Momma!!!

8. My Bad Habit:   Its genetic.. my Mom does it too..

9. Favorite Food:   Real Pizza.. made in a brick oven.. Remember, I lived in Naples, Italy for 3 years.. where pizza was invented… I’m REALLY picky about my pizza!!  Actually ALL Italian food.. No Olive Garden for this girl!!!

10. Favorite Hobby:   Not literally.. but if there is something great on the side of the road.. its MINE!

11. My picture:

  I can’t find a Cara Picture that looks like me.. this is the closest I’ve found.. lol!!   There is a Cara that seems to take up the first few pictures.. Here she is:   And for Halloween..  Again.. NOT ME!!  I wish I had that body.. unfortunately, I look more like the cartoon!!

  This is an open tag.. try it if you like, it’s fun!!!



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4 responses to “Google Image Tag

  1. Thanks for the comment! For the record, I LOVE the song Summertime by Kenny Chesney too… it was my ringtone on my cell phone only for like EVA! :o)

    I got bad news on my chandelier purchase this afternoon… it’s discontinued and no longer available. It took me weeks to decide on that one. I want to cry. lol

  2. …….and….. Is your hubby Navy? We used to live in Bremerton, WA and I was always poking around in the cute shops in “downtown” Port Orchard all the time.

  3. Looks liks a very fun project! I love the pic of Whidbey Island – makes me homesick for the Pacific Northwest! (Of cours I get homesick at least once a day…)

  4. Gina

    I like the song Summertime too and I love “dumpster diving”. It looks like a beautiful place to live!!

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