Quick… someone help me!!!

Give me a way to HIDE THIS!!!

(not the motorcycle, the hutch! LOL!)


It was free!  I have nowhere to put it, no where to store it.. but it was free, and I wanted it.  And now I have to hide it until I can give a good reason not to re-freecycle it!  Hubs is gonna freak!!  Now.. someone, give me a reason to keep it!!!!



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4 responses to “Quick… someone help me!!!

  1. It is a little old fashioned with the dowels on the ledge. Is this early American? I would take those dowels of and paint it either white or black and put it in one of the kids rooms.

    Or…do what I do, and what you have done. Keep it in the garage to put “stuff” on.

  2. The best reason to keep it… it was free!! LOL I love Freecycle! I’d use it as a ‘pet project’… maybe sand it down, stain or paint it and use it somewhere in the house… maybe rearrange a piece of furniture (or freecycle an older piece of furniture to make room for the ‘new’ one)… Or just throw it against the wall of your garage and insist it’s been there all this time! 🙂 LOL

  3. I love it! If it was me I would definitely paint it white, I love white furniture. If you have to hide it from the hubs for awhile…how about tossing a sheet over it? (maybe a sheet that looks like a motorcycle!)

  4. Gina

    I LOVE it. I’m like the other two peeps–paint it white.?

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