What’s on Top?

I’ve been inspired by Lucinda over at Paperjunk-lc.  She did a blog that was inspired by this blog entry over at Kari and Kijsa.  What fun blogs.. Lucinda is a new blogger like me.. and I’m LOVING her kitchen remodel.. but this blog was about What’s on top of your Armoires.  I have a few.. being that we live in Military Housing.. I need all of the storage that I can get.. and I like to have it BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.    So, here’s what’s on top of my Armoires~

top of china cupboard

living room armoire

bedroom armoire




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4 responses to “What’s on Top?

  1. Very pretty!! I don’t have any armoires to decorate the tops of 😦 I guess the tops of an entertainment center or even dressers might work for me LOL

  2. Gina

    I love the tops of your armoires. Ver pretty! I have one in the living rrom without anything on top because I can’t decide what to put up there. I would take a picture but I still don’t have batteries for my camera. 😦

  3. Wow… those look great! I wish I had more areas to do that.

  4. So pretty!

    Happy spring to you!


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