I know.. its been a week again!

Whoa.. it has been a busy one too!  First of all, I DID get my Explorer back.. and it was ONLY $2000.00.  Better than we had planned, but there goes my beach vacation this summer!!  I don’t know where I was going, but I was going somewhere warm!!  LOL~  Its just been the week from hell~  Thats all I can say.  Hubby’s been grumpy, kids are busy busy.. and I never seem to catch a break!  Let alone enough computer time, and motivation to post.. and I LOVE posting!!  I’m sorry I’ve been gone.. What did I miss???  Anything Juicy, or Fun??  I need some fun everyone!!!!

  Anywho.. I am SOOOOOOO ready for spring!!!  I have these little flowers coming up in my flowerbeds.  I don’t know exactly what they are.. but they are so pretty!  Since this is my first spring in this house, they must have been planted by the people who lived here before.. and they did an interesting job of planting.. see the pictures?? **pictures to follow, my camera battery is dead!**  If there are any gardening experts out there, can you tell me if I can safely move these bulbs so that next spring they are somewhere that they can be seen??  I really want to buy some primroses.. they grow really well up here, and I’m dying for a little color…  We are going to get off of this island this weekend, and I’m on a flower hunt..  or treasure.. I wish I could find some thrift store treasure that would give me something to do for a couple of weeks! 

  Onto other news.. my daughter got her hair cut!  She hasn’t had any real length taken off of it since the end of 2nd grade.. and now she’s in 5th!  She got a super cute, layered shoulder length, real, pre-teen hairstyle!  And she looks sooooo grown up!  I will try to snap a picture of her when its all done up!  Yesterday was her first day at school with it, and it was her day on the school’s morning newscast~  She was so proud when she came home.  I guess lots of teachers and students gave her compliments~!   I’m very proud of her, I just really got tired of seeing long straight hair, or a ponytail~  Thats all she would do with it.  I know on some people long straight hair looks great, but not on an active tomboy kinda girl.. this suits her much better!

  So far today its very gloomy outside.. hopefully the sun will make a little appearance…  That would make me happy!  I’m running over to K-mart later on.. they have casual knit capri pants on sale for girls, $5.00 each!  I hope to get a few different colors for Ali.. she loves Capri’s~!  Hubs and I are going to the Licence Beauru to get new licence plates for his motorcylce and the Explorer, maybe I’ll get him to take me to lunch!!



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2 responses to “I know.. its been a week again!

  1. After the bulbs finish blooming, don’t cut them down. Let the stems dry up and turn brown. The bulbs need the nutrients from the stems. Then they can go into dormancy.

    Then you can take the bulbs out of the ground. Place them in a nice dark box (some until ready to plant again. If they are spring bulbs, you will have to plant them maybe around October. You can tell when to plant them when the nursery stores are selling bulbs. They don’t sell bulbs until it’s time to plant them.

    Some bulbs need to be in the refrigerator and kept cold several weeks before you plant them. You’ll have to find out if your bulbs are that kind.

    Before you plant, dig a hole, put some bulb food on the bottom, plant and forget.

  2. Gina

    My camera battery is dead too. I don’t know about yours but mine goes dead so often. would love to see pictures of flowers and daughter’s haircut!!!

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