An Ode To The Nester…

Otherwise Known as… I want to live in her bedroom!!!  🙂

 Okay.. now that I’ve caught your attention.. I just want to post a few pictures for a fellow blogger, The Nester @ The Nesting Place.  Her recent Blog, Window Mistreatments:401 has me totally capitvated.. I want her style, I want her windows.. I want her bedroom!! 

  Anyway, I commented on her blog, and asked her to come over to check out “the Expensive Quilt” aka, My Bedroom.  I just want some gooood suggestions on what kind of fabric I should look for to “Mis-treat” my windows in there.  Right now I have some Sheers that I am not happy with.  The main problem is, I live in the NORTH, NORTH, NORTH… and in the summer, it stays light outside till after 10:00 at night.  So, I can’t just have bare windows… the room darkening blinds just don’t darken enough..

  So, indulge me, look at my bedroom, and offer ANY suggestions of fabrics that would look good with the “Expensive Quilt”.  Meaning.. I can’t possibly change the bedding, because I spent WAAAAAAAY to much money on this quilt.. and I have to use it for at least 10 years to feel like I got my money’s worth!!  I have to tell you.. the pictures are a couple of weeks old.  The shelf over the bed is outside in the garage, sanded down waiting to be painted, as are the other small shelf and the plate holders.  I’m painting them black.  Also.. the stuff on the chest of drawers is my husbands.. he has warned me not to remove them.. he needs 4 square feet of space in our home!!  Als0 remember.. I live in Military housing.. so the room is SMALLLLLLL!!!


closet view

Don’t mind the pants hanging off of the bed.. that is a normal sight around here!! 

close up of the expensive quilt





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4 responses to “An Ode To The Nester…

  1. I just left a comment on the Nester’s blog on what to do about wide shorter windows. I have one in my daughter’s room and I’m tired of the old window toppers. I like your bed.
    Maybe painting the room a darker color might help with the brightness during the summer. I’m with you on wanting a darker place to lay my head at night. I guess that’s why I like the winter months.

  2. Gina

    I LOVE the quilt and I actually LOVE the shears. I think it’s perfect the way it is–no help. ha

  3. Please please tell me how in the heavens did I ever miss this post? That realization along with the fact that it stays light until 10 0’clock has gotten me all confused and feeling weird.

    I am sooo sorry that I haven’t been here until now! Please forgive me! I try to come to anyone who ever asks me to visit so it must have been an oversight!

    It sounds like you want something that you can close at night. I like the fact that you have sheers–they add softness and color in your room. Mistreatments work great for some things but in this case, I think you need working drapes with a rod. I would leave the sheers where they are and get another rod and hang it about 6 inches higher. Have you heard of half price drapes? They have a website and sell on ebay. I think they have good quality drapes.

    Restoration Hardware sells some thick almost velvety drapes that Half Price drapes sells a version of. In this case, I would spend some $$ and get some solid drapes that you can close at night. Or at 10.

    You can take them down and take them with you to your next house when you move and you could always use them in any room if you get a solid. They have a nice camel tan color that might work for you!

    I’m sure this is all too late anyway! So sorry!

    Love, The Nester

  4. HAHA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

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