We MAY know what is wrong with my Explorer!!!  After almost 3 weeks!  Its the Air Intake Manifold, Valve.. whatever.  It has a crack in it.  Of course… after we’ve replaced the ENTIRE Exahst System, every wire, plug, coil.. everything, and its a crack in a plastic part.  UGH.. I’m miserably happy.  Is that possible?  Is that even a real emotion???  I sure will be happy to get my car back, but who knows what our bill is gonna be… there goes my trip to Europe (I wish I was going there.. just trying to be Melodramatic, my Mother wouldn’t approve!)  At least its an answer, we’ve; meaning Hubs, his father the mechanic, his brother the mechanic, his friend the mechanic, THE Mechanic working on it, and every other person we’ve told about the drama surrounding the Explorer- uh oh.. I forgot where I was going with this.. Oh yeah, we are all thankful to have found something!  Cross your fingers.. I may have a car by the weekend!!!!



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2 responses to “Maybe…????

  1. Gina

    Car trouble can be upsetting. Glad your’s is getting fixed.

  2. Where are you? I miss you. You haven’t been posting blogs. Has your car got you down?

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