You should be dancin’

Today, I was doing my “first cup of coffee in the morning blog surfing” and found my way to Jennifer’s blog, The Peterson’s Go Public, (a fun blog.. check it out) and found myself waking up.. and FAST!!!  Someone, aka my Daughter, had left the computer speakers up QUITE loud!  Anyway.. Jennifer has the Bee Gee’s “You Should be Dancing” on her music player.. which motivated me to head over to ITunes to download it.. and “Tragedy” for my MP3 Player.  I am always on the lookout for a good, upbeat song to put on there.  AND.. The Bee Gee’s are part of my Childhood.  My Mom used to listen to the Bee Gee’s on Saturday Mornings when we would clean.  I happen to know all of the words.. Sad, I know, but true!  So, now on my MP3 player, right after “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock and right before “Wild, Wild West” by the Escape Club lies 2 of my favorite Bee Gee’s Songs~!!  I have quite an assortment on there.. ranging from Blondie to Rhianna to the Go’Go’s..  oh, and a little Garth Brooks too~ 

  So, you tell me… What’s on your MP3, Ipod.. whatever you listen to?  Do you listen to it LOUD, or mello?  I like mine LOUD!!  I listen to my MP3 while I’m cleaning.. full blast!  And, I get a lot done this way, and I can’t hear myself singing.. Poor Doggies though!!!  I’m off to Dance, uh, I mean Vacuum~!!!!  Have a great day everyone.. and Thanks Jennifer for the Inspiration!

mp3 player with Tragedy



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2 responses to “You should be dancin’

  1. Hey! You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by! I was after the BeeGee’s time, but caught them in their 90’s revival. I put that song up since it was one of my favorites sung by Blake Lewis on American Idol last year–and tonight A.I. comes back!

    I listen to my MP3 player to clean too–really loud. Normally I’m a big jazz fan,but my player is full of all kinds of hip-hop and dance music. My kids think it’s hilarious to watch me dance with the broom :).

    Come on back anytime! And by the way–this green color is super-soothing!

  2. I listen to CD’s when I clean. Right now I have on my CD, Michael Buble, A Compilation of Jazz, Rod Stewart’s Songbook (old standards….wonderful), Il Divo (handsome, handsome opera tenors). Queen Latifa (The Dana Owens Album..that’s Queen Latifa’s real name. She has an album of Standards that’s amazing), and a Spanish Album called Los Panchos (I can’t understand it, but it’s really “romantico”).:)

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