Anyone Read The Twilight Books?

Okay.. these are my FAVORITE books!  I read them (all three) in one weekend, and I’m waiting for the 4th to come out August 2nd..   If you like Vampires.. I do, I know.. I’m weird.. these are awesome books, beautifully written.  I’m a dork, I watched Buffy and Angel.. and the new show Moonlight.. I don’t want to run into a Vampire, trust me.. but something about mysterious characters draws me in..   The books  are Young Adult.. so nothing gory or anything.  Its more of a Teenage Love Story.. they capitvated me! *EDIT* (The Vampires in this book are “good” vampires.  The head of the family is a Doctor!  They are trying to be as normal as they can.. its a strange plot.. but it really pulls you in.  I think you can read the first chapter of each book at the Stephenie Meyer site)  ** I re-read the books, and probably will again before the next book comes out.   They are set in Forks, WA.. not too far from here.. just a ferry ride and a drive… I think I may have to go there at least once while I live up here.  Here’s a link to the books:

  So anyway.. they are making a movie based on the first book, “Twilight” and they just did the press release for the characters..  Only a couple of them remotely look like what I had in my mind.. isnt’ that true for all books though??

Read about it here:

The movie comes out in December.. I can’t wait!!! 



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3 responses to “Anyone Read The Twilight Books?

  1. I clicked on your link and they look like serious vampires to me. They do not look romantic at all. But of course, I have not read the books.

  2. Gina

    My husband got me a vampire book last Christmas and I haven’t read it yet. I am very morbid but the idea of vampires scares me. HAHA

  3. Kristal

    Does anybody have any idea what the foruth book is going to be called?????????

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