Valentine’s Dinner..


I forgot!  I promised to post the recipe for our dinner tonight..

WARNING!!!  This is not Diet food!!!

Tortellini Alfredo with Garlic Shrimp

2-3 packages Cheese tortellini (depending on the size, mine are 9 oz, I’m using 2 for 4 people)

1 8 oz package Cream Cheese room temperature

1 cup milk

1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese

2 heaping tbs. sun-dried tomatoes, chopped

1 clove garlic

3 tbs Butter

1 1/2 pounds raw shrimp, peeled and de-veined

Parsley, to garnish

Cook Tortellini as directed on package.  While they are cooking, saute the shrimp in butter and garlic until pink in a separate pan.  Don’t over-cook the shrimp, they will get chewy!  Mix the cream cheese, milk and Parmesan cheese together.. add to hot, drained tortellini in the pot that you cooked it in.  Cook on med-low for  about 5 minutes, until heated through. 

To Serve:  Put the Tortellini in a serving dish, top with the Sauteed Shrimp.  Sprinkle a little chopped parsley on top.

 We are having Garlic Bread, Roasted Asparagus and a salad with it.

For Dessert we are having B

Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie… (I was going to do a cake, but I’m baking a cake for Jimmy’s Birthday.. too much cake= fat butt on me!!)

Black Bottom Banana Creme Pie (kraft food and family magazine)

Valentine’s Pie

1 Nilla Wafer Crust (or make your own)

3  squares semi-sweet chocolate

2 tbs butter or margerine

2 large bananas, sliced

1 package Vanilla Pudding ( I’m using instant)

1 3/4 cups cold milk

1 cup (or more) Whipped topping

Microwave chocolate and 2 tbs butter for one minute, or until butter is melted.  Stir until chocolate is completely melted.  Drizzle the chocolate on the bottom of the crust.  Top with Sliced Bananas.  Set aside.

  Prepare the pudding mix with the milk.  Pour over Bananas.  Refrigerate till firm, (3-4 hours) Top with whipped topping.  Slice a few banana’s or shave a little chocolate over the top and serve!

Now, if I have a chance, I’ll take pictures!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!  Spread the LOVE!!! 



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Dinner..

  1. Gina

    Sounds delicious! You and family are having a great Valentine meal!!

  2. Yum yum. Got room for one more?

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