Happy Valentine’s Day!

This RosesIs my idea of a Nice Valentine’s Day~!  I love Roses!!! 

The funny part is.. hubs got them for me.. but had to add a dash of his flair to them.. here’s the card…


And the inside…


I love this man.. even when he’s being Romantic.. he’s got a great sense of humor!!!!



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4 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. TJ

    Beautiful roses! I love the color. I told my hubby no cut flowers, because it pains me to throw them out when they are dead. Hopefully he took the hint to buy me the miniature roses that can beautify my desk for a few months and then they can replace the ones he weedwhacked 2 years ago in my garden!

    I love the card!

  2. Gina

    Hilarious card–hehehe. Beautiful roses!!!!

  3. Beautiful flowers and cute card! LOL

  4. Those are beautiful roses. That card is something else. You have a wonderful husband.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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