100 things..

Can you tell I’m home, my house is clean, my kids are gone.. and I’ve read my last library book?  In other words.. I’m bored! 


1. I’m 37 years old

2. Next year I will have my 20 year High School Reunion

3. I graduated in 1989

4. I got married when I was 21

5. He is in the US Navy

6. He was an E-2 when we met

7. He is now a Chief

8. We’ve been together for 17 years

9. We’ve been married for 15

10. I Love him more now than I did the day I married him

11. We’ve probably only lived together 12 of the 15 years that we’ve been married.

 12.I had my first child when I was 22

13. His Name is Jordan

14. He was born in Italy

15. We lived there for 3 years

16. I want to live there again!

17. I had my 2nd child when I was 26

18. Her name is Alissa

19. She was born in Illinois

20.  She wishes she was born in Italy too

21. I didn’t like Illinois as much as Italy

22. We lived there for 5 years

23. I moved back home when I was 30, Jimmy was headed out on deployment, so the kids and I went home.

24. I was in my Mother’s basement on Sept. 11, and happy to be there.

25. My husband was on an Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf on Sept. 11

27. We moved to Washington State when I was 31

28. We moved back here when I was 36

29. We lived in Colorado in between

30. I Loved living in Colorado

31. I didn’t think we’d ever live here again!

32. I have 2 American Eskimo Dogs

33. We used to do Rescue, and had up to 5 dogs living with us at one time

34.  I would have 5 dogs if I could, or more

35. I Love to Cook

36. I would love to own a Diner someday

37. I love to sew and craft also

38. I love to make my house more like home

39. I need to be more organized

40. I envy people on this base who have new housing (its big)

41.  But I love my house because it has a fireplace

42. I love looking out my window and seeing Bald Eagles flying over

43. I have 40 or more Seagulls who love my backyard at any given time.. and they are NOISY

44. I have blonde hair, and its not my natural hair color

45. I have blonde hair so I don’t have grey hair

46. I Love being a Navy wife, although I’m ready for retirement

47. I miss having my own identity sometimes

48. I like to be alone, but I’m extremely social too

49. I drive a Ford Explorer, I wish I drove a 2 seater!

50. I love a good movie or book

51. Last month I read 3 500+ page books in one weekend

52. I wish I used my time better, see # 51

53. I’d rather have salty food than sweet

54. I screen my phone calls

55. I don’t like raw tomatoes

56. I love to shop.. and live somewhere that the shopping is pathetic

57. I was a lifeguard in High School

58. I’m terrified of drowning

59. I love to lay in bed on Sundays and watch the Food Network

60. I hate gloomy days, and I live somewhere that its gloomy a lot

61. I’d love to have a house by the beach (Hawaii)  and one in the mountains (Wyoming)

62.  I love to  drive, and listen to 80’s music really loud!  Much to the annoyance of my kids

63. I love the Wyoming Cowboys

64. I love coffee, and probably drink too much of it (especially on Sunday mornings!!)

65. Right outside my window, at this moment, there are two Eagles perched on a tree and the Electrical Pole. 

67. I hate when my camera battery is dead

68.  My favorite book as a child was “Ann Likes Red”

69. My favorite color is Red

70. I Love the snow

71.I’d rather be at home than anywhere else

72. I refuse to be anywhere but home on Christmas Morning

73. I love being a Stay at Home Mom..

74. I wish I had a better idea what I want to be when I grow up

75. I want to move back to my Hometown when Hubs retires from the Navy

76. I love that Hubs wants that too

78. I have the house we will live in already decorated in my head

79. Hubs wants to get two Bulldogs when he retires, and I’m okay with that

80. I have awesome kids

81. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough for them

82. I get overwhelmed very easily

83. I’m constantly on a diet of some kind

84. I would drink Diet Coke all day and not eat if I could

85. My best friend is Carmen

86. She is the Mother that I want to be

87. We met at our daughter’s ballet class, and have been friends for 5 years

88. We hardly have a thing in common

89. I’m running out of things~ Are you even reading still??

90. I wish we lived closer to family

91. I watch too much tv

92. I’m totally craving a Sonic Foot Long Chili Cheesedog and a BIG ICY Diet Coke

93. I cuss like a Sailor.. (I need to stop that!)

94. I would have another baby, even though my kids are big

95. I’d rather go to a movie theater than watch at home.. even though we hardly ever do

96. I love seafood

97. I love to vacuum- I know, its weird.. but its an instant gratification thing..  See #98!

98. I think I have ADD

99. I don’t want to be rich, but be able to afford to enjoy life without worries

100. I’m happy I’m done!



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6 responses to “100 things..

  1. Gina

    That was interesting and I feel like I know you better. You like to vacuum????

  2. 80’s music rocks!! 🙂

  3. Lots of great stuff about you. And yes, 80’s music rocks!

  4. Robby

    That was a great read Cara….I think we have lot in common…but I am 40!!!! 37 sounds so young!!! Gee I will have to think of things like that to write on mine and you will see our similarities…xxxRobby

  5. Well that had to be a lot of work. But like someone else said – I feel like I know you better. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    Have a great weekend – Karen

  6. TJ

    This was great! Thanks for sharing. You’re the same age as my husband, and we LOVE to rock out to 80’s music. I also tend to spend too much time reading. I got Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty on Saturday after a very long wait at the library. I finished it on Monday. My house did suffer!

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