I swear.. I’m loosing my mind, or my temper..  well, I have to be loosing something because I feel like I’m gonna explode!!  Still no word on my Explorer.. tomorrow its been at the shop for a week.. and still not even a clue what is wrong.  Which brings on lots of other little things.. like, I did get a note home from Ali’s teacher about a Valentine’s Party.  Well, I have no car to go and get supplies for Valentines.  And.. she asked the kids to volunteer to bring treats.  Not a big deal.. until I read that she has to bring Cheesesticks for 28 people.  What???  Cheesesticks????  On Valentines??  So, I emailed her to say that I needed to change to something else.  I mean, 3 bags of cheesesticks.. because at my store they only come 12 to a bag.   What???  What ever happened to baking cookies, or bringing candies or something.. its Valentine’s Day!  You are supposed to get loaded up on sugar, then sent home for the day!  This is our 5th (yes, 5th) Elementary School and this is the ONLY teacher we’ve had that hasn’t had a parent organize the Parties, or at least sends home a list of options and lets you pick what you want to bring.   I mean if I want to spend 7.50 on something.. I want it to be something that I want to bring in.  Good Grief!  I know that all of this is coming from the fact that I’m frustrated about my car.. but good grief, can I just bring in some cookies or something that feels like Valentine’s???? 

  Soooooo.. I got an email from  her saying she’d contact me later on with a different suggestion.  The main problem is, as she explained, is that she is going skiing on Friday, so she wants everything to be individually packaged so that she doesn’t have to clean her room on Thursday.. Okay, whatevah!  I still may bring cookies.. so there!!! 

  I’m thinking that part of my problem with crankiness is that I’m taking these..   tabs  AND.. they are not agreeing with my digestion.  I take these a couple of times a year.  It happens every time, but after they are gone, I feel so much better..   Sorry to dwell…

  Here’s a view from my son’s bedroom this morning.. the sun is TRYING to shine.. (come on.. you can do it!!!!)

view of water


At least there are no whitecaps this morning!!!  That IS a great thing!!  Just a little movie trivia.. the houses in the first picture are right outside of the town Coupeville.. that is where the movie Practical Magic was filmed… just thought you should know!

  I’m trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight.. its gotta be something that can hold, or something that is easy.. Jojo and I have to go to the Middle School for a High School Registration thingiemabobber.. Very educated sounding don’t you think?  Am I old enough to have a kid that is going to be in High School next year?  I must be.. I just FEEL like I could be in High School still sometimes!!!  I guess I will just have to become the Cool High Schooler’s Mom!!  

  Well, I’m off for a walk.. since its “sunny” outside for at least a couple of hours, I’m going to go for a walk~!  Soak up that Vitamin D!!  Maybe that will put me in a better mood!


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  1. Do what I do. Bake your cookies and put them in individual little bags with a little bow ribbon. The ribbon that curls.

    You can make 28 big cookies!

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