A Quickie.. not that kind though!!

Gottcha there didn’t I???

  Just had to let you know.. THIS Cereal and bananas

is my NEW favorite Cereal!!  And, I got it for $0.99 a box!  It has little chunks of granola bar in it.. YUM!  Gotta have a banana in it.. Did you know that my Dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE bananas?  They come running every time they hear you pull one off.  They get the ends, every day~!  Funny huh?



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4 responses to “A Quickie.. not that kind though!!

  1. wow you are interesting!!! What were you doing living in Naples? Do you speak Italian?….tell me more!!!!

  2. Oh shoot. I thought I was going to read something “R” Rated. Cereal is still interesting though. LOL

  3. Oh that’s funny!, definitely gets your attention. Our dog doesn’t eat banana’s but she does like potatoes and french fries every now and then.

  4. Gina

    Found you through 4urpets! Cereal for $.99!!!! What a great bargain. It sounds really good too. My dogs don’t like bananas.

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