oops.. has it been a week?

Let me see.. where did I leave off?  Oh yes, bad weather, car problems… and a mantle.  Well, guess what?  Everything is still the same.  The weather is still crapola, the car- in the shop ($1000 and counting) and still has NO diagnosis, and the mantle.. yep, its still the same too!  I need a change somewhere.. and I prefer its from the car~  I want my car back, but do I?  I’m scared to drive it now, maybe its better that I have no car.  My house is pretty clean, I took the Jeep and got groceries yesterday.. enough for 2 weeks.. the only thing I’m running low on is Library Books.  I can go there at night though, when hubs is home.   I’m just feeling a bit blah about everything.. I need spring I think..

  So.. onto business~!  I  (meaning my Dogs Sophie and Sullivan)received an award!!!  My first award~!  Thank you Kathrynfunkyblog.png

I will definitely pass it along~!!  Let me see… who to award.  I don’t know?

Robyn at My Blackbirds Journey  I met her on a Message Board that I post on once in a while on Delphi Forums.  She lives in Scotland.. what’s not cool about that???

And Kelli at There’s No Place Like Home  She has the BEST ideas for fun decorating.. and some REALLY yummy recipes!

  Lets see.. is there anything fun going on this week?  YES!  Valentines!!  I used to love Valentine’s Day at school.  My daughter is in the 5th grade.. her last chance to have a Valentine’s Day party, and they aren’t.  I’m sad about this.  Its the last year to make a fun box out of Tin Foil and Doily’s ( is this spelled correctly?  I used the spell check, it still doesn’t look right.. oh well)   I can’t believe that it is THAT big of a deal to have a V-day party.  Sheesh.. wasn’t school a LITTLE bit fun in the 70’s??  We had parties for all of the holidays then.  What a bummer~!   Anywhooooo.. I’m making a new recipe on V-day.  Shrimp with Tortellini in a White Sauce.  I will post the recipe tomorrow.. I need to find it.  I think I’ll make a Chocolate Cake, maybe some dipped Strawberries.. gotta find a card for the kids and Hubs too!  Then on Friday, its Hubs Birthday!  Carrot Cake for him!  Its the first Homemade Cake I ever learned how to make.  Its his favorite.  My kids both have a sleepover on Friday night, so we are going to the Casino.  I’ll hit the nickle slots, he’ll play poker.  We’ll have a yummy dinner.. and get off the Island (most importantly getting off this Island… ugh)  We may have the cake on Saturday so that everyone can have some.  I’ll bake it Friday though, it always tastes better the next day anyway!  Tonight.. Fish Sticks and Tater Tots.. How original huh?  It was Jojo’s Choice.. who can argue??  I think I’ll steam some Asparagus to have with it..

   My friend Tanya brought me this yesterday.. she knows its been the week from Haides..

Never give up plaque


It’s sitting here.. so I can see it every time I feel down~


And here is Sophie.. feeling exactly like her Momma~  Have a Monday!!!




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2 responses to “oops.. has it been a week?

  1. Yes it has been a week and I missed you. When my car is in the shop, my house really gets cleaned ‘cuz I can’t go out and spend money.

    Doilys is spelled “doilies” and Haides is spelled “Hades”. 🙂

    You want a really great easy recipe for Valentines Day to fix? Go on over to my friend Infinity Goods. She has the most wonderful recipe for Valentine’s. Tell her I sent you. You can go to http://www.infinitygoods.wordpress.com/2008/02/04/lovely-valentine-desert-recipe/

    Yum yum!

  2. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for giving one to me as well, very sweet of you!
    Your Valentine’s Day menu sounds delicious…yum! We are making heart shaped pizzas (hopefully!) and cheesecake pie for dessert.

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