Holy Moly Batman!

I eriously think we’re gonna blow off the face of the earth!!!  We are having wind gusts of 50-60 mph.. and my house I fear is going to start teetering.  Is that even a word???  I just keep waiting for it.  Here is a picture from my Son’s bedroom window.   Do you see the whitecaps??  The water over here is normally fairly calm..  You could surf in this, not that you’d want to, you’d freeze to death!!

view from jojo’s room

Crazy!!!!!!  And of course, I have to go out.. Hubs NEEEEEDS some things from WalMart.. of course he does, I’d prefer to just stay home.  Especially since I have to drive this..

jeep    Instead of this..   explorer

 Cuz its still broken…

  Boy, won’t I look manly???? 

  But… I did do something this morning.. I re-did my mantle.  I had some snowmen up there for winter, but I just got sick of looking at them.. so here’s what’s there for now.  I wish I could find my Valentine’s Day Decorations..


I’m off to the shower… and to find my LONGJOHNS!!  And.. think of something yummy for dinner…  Something with chicken, I have lots of that! 



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5 responses to “Holy Moly Batman!

  1. Make a nice chicken noodle soup and some corn bread. That will take the chill off.

    Those white caps scare me. We get winds here. They have their own special name (aren’t we special). They call them the Santa Ana Winds. Sometimes they blow anywhere from 50 to 80 miles an hour. They don’t blow constantly. Maybe the winds will be 20 to 30 miles an hour and then a quick 60 mile gush of wind will come up. Sometimes it knocks you into the other car lane. Some crazy maniacs love to start fires in our mountain ranges when we have the Santa Ana Winds. I am sure you have heard of our great California Fires?

  2. I LOVE your mantle ! Thats what I like to decorate with , you did a great job 🙂
    Have a good evening !

  3. Hi. You’ve been tagged. Check my blog for details!

  4. YIKES those are some big white caps. It looks like a really good day to stay inside and bake something with lots of chocolate in it. Thanks for the tag and I will do my part this week.

    Hugs – Karen

  5. TJ

    I didn’t realize you all were getting the wind on the West Side of the state too! Crazy. I’m definitely glad that the calm weather is back!

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