Other than the Super Bowl, the weekend pretty much was terrible…  Isn’t that a great way to start a blog entry…

  It all started Friday… I did as I said.  I took my Explorer out.. I got gas, I got a carwash, I got an oil change… ran to Safeway to get a few things for the weekend.. I drove home.. well, most of the way.  I got about 1/2 mile away from my house and my Explorer just lost power.  I had it floored, I was going 12 mph.  Luckily I passed Hubs who was on his way back to work.  He followed me home which was great.  So far we’ve replaces, the Catalytic Converter, Spark Plugs and Wires, the PVC valve, and some other things I don’t know the name of.. about $350.00 dollars worth of stuff.. its still not right.  So, on Wednesday at 1:00 we get to take it to have the entire exhaust replaced.. at the bargain price of $1,000.00.   Crap, when it rains it pours, huh???  The guy told us that probably the reason for the plug is that we don’t ever really get over 35 mph here on this *%(@^#(*&(#*&$(#^(@*U(#  Island… and that is putting it mildly.  It was used to being on the highway a few times a week.  Enough to blow out alllll of that crud that gets in there.  So, now I have another reason to just HATE where we live!!  Like I really needed ONE MORE!!!  I’m just sick..  

  Needless to say.. there was not ONE healthy meal around here all weekend.  When I’m stressed, I cook.. that is what I can do.  I can’t do car repairs, but I can feed Hubs and his friends who come over to help out!!! 

  Today my kids are out of school, teacher workday, so they are here pestering me.. I’m not in the mood.. in fact, I’m still in my jammies at 11:30, AND I will not be working out.. not even thinking about it.  Maybe tomorrow..

  Stay tuned for the rest of this saga… and prayers that this repair will help are Greatly Appreciated!!


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  1. Kids pesterin is normal, except when you are at wits end.

    As far as being in your jammies at 11:30, that’s normal for me on the weekends. Take a hot bath, drink a glass of wine and things will seem alright. I promise.

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