TGIF!! And I mean it!

Whoa.. this has seemed like the longest week.. and I’m glad I don’t have to drag myself out of bed at 5:45 tomorrow.. YUCK!  I’m so sick of Monday-Friday.. is it summer yet??

  Today I have to go and get my oil changed, get gas and do a little bit of grocery shopping.  Not super exciting, but at least I’ll be out and about.  I did even manage to work out this morning.. I’ve been struggling with that all week, its been so gloomy, I just wanna stay in my jammies!  Tomorrow we are heading off Island to shop!  YEAH!!!!  I just as excited to get off the island as to shop!  Especially since I’m going bra shopping.. whoopie *said in a sarcastic tone*..  Kohl’s is having a Super Saturday sale.. so that is where we are heading.  I’m hoping to get some good deals on clothes for the kids.. they both need some new jeans, and a jacket.  We’ll be having lunch out too~  And.. if we’re lucky.. taking the girl to see the Hannah Montana movie.  The theater we’re going to doesn’t sell tickets online, so we’ll chance it.  The boy’s will go to another movie, since neither of them are interested.  This is as close as I can get to getting her to the concert though..  So, cross your fingers for us!! 

  Dinner tonight is Papa Murphy’s Pizza.. I’m dying to try their new Chicken Artichoke pizza.. and pepperoni for everyone else~  And a salad, of course a salad so I can pretend it’s a healthy meal for us! 

  Sunday, Super Bowl.. of course!!  Go ELI!!!!  I’m making Baby Back Ribs and Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Baked Beans and Coleslaw.. YUM!!  I can hardly wait! 


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  1. I get up earlier on the weekends than I do the weekdays. I just don’t want to miss one minute of not having to go to work! I’m coming over to your house for Baby Back Ribs. Yum yum.

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