Today was the day…

Actually, the day that every woman dreds.  Today was the day that the Underwire on my last good underwire bra snapped in half.  Of course, it did this while I was at my Daughter’s School Volunteering.  And of course, I live in a town where Wal Mart and K Mart are the only places to shop.. yes, I’m serious.. yes, I hate that!  And yes.. I should have not waited till I was down to my last underwire bra.  I do have a few others, but they give me a uni-boob, so I don’t wear them often.   So, after I left the school I headed to Wal Mart.  Ugh.. I hate buying bras, but definitely hate buying them somewhere that I don’t get a great fit or a decent bra for my money.  I found ONE, yes ONE underwire minimizer bra in my size.  I bought it.. 18.95  or something.  Its just okay.. it will work, and I can use it as a spare.  But, I WILL head off this blasted island this weekend and go to a department store and get some nice bra’s.  Hopefully someone is having a sale!!!

Let’s see.. anything else??  OH!!  I finished my daughter’s furniture!  I have it all moved in.. here are the pic’s…  (except her desk chair.. it needs a new seat!)  Don’t you just love the Crazy Daisy Quilt???  My Mom made it for her!  She’s finishing up a Matching Dust Ruffle and some Pillow Shams that match.  I Can’t Wait!!!  One of my friends loaned me the dust ruffle on there now.  Her bedframe broke when we moved here.. so for now she has two boxsprings holding her up.  I kind of like that she can’t stuff things under there!!  I’m getting a new one this weekend..but I think I’ll keep both of the box springs on there to make her bed “high”… 

Headboard and nightstand




That’s it!!!  I’m VERY happy about how everything turned out.  Its so nice and bright in there.. especially great on Gloomy Cloudy Washington Days!!  Next project.. the 14 year old Boy’s room!!

  Dinner tonight.. as if anyone is still reading.. is Grilled Chicken Sandwiches.. I think I said that yesterday.. I’m rambling.  Have a good one everyone!


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  1. Gina

    I am so in love with the quilt and quilt square valance? in your daughter’s room. Beautiful. Too bad I don’t have children so i can decorate a room this cute. HA

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