Tag! I’m it!!

I’ve been tagged by Tiff @ Folded Gingham.  It’s all about 4 things!  Looks fun~  Thanks Tiff!

4  movies I’d watch over and over:    Beaches, Hope Floats, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Miss Congeniality.

4 places I have lived:   Evanston, WY, Naples Italy, Colorado Springs, CO, and Gulfport, MS

4 shows that I watch:   House, LOST (Yeah, it starts tonight!!!), American Idol, Greys Anatomy

4 places I have been:    Rome, Capri, Honolulu, San Diego.

4 people who email me: My Mom, Carmen, Hubs, ???

4 favorite things to eat : Chinese Food, Seafood, Chocoate, Popcorn

4 places I would rather be:   Closer to Family, Honolulu (where I was SUPPOSED TO BE, thanks US Navy, LOL), Italy, Someplace Sunny!

4 things that I look forward to this year: Working outside on our yard, My Mom and Brother coming for Spring Break, SUMMER! and hopefully getting a bit more organized!

4 people to tag:  My Yellow Farmhouse, the Nester at The Nesting Place, Steph at The Hearts of Hartman, Ruthann at Warm Pie Happy Home .  Don’t feel like you have to do this.. its fun though!


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One response to “Tag! I’m it!!

  1. Honey, I’m so sorry I missed this! You are the first person to ever tag me even though I missed it somehow! I’m still counting it!

    I am still learning everything blog. I am very behind! I want to email everyone and respond to every comment and I cannot keep up and home school my boys at the same time! So, this weekend I went ahead and wrote a few posts to put out later this week. maybe that will help me and my big disorginized person.

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