‘Nother Post

Okay.. I really don’t have anything exciting to say.. except..

Have you ever had these???                     Coconut Cookies

The are Murray Coconut Bars.. and they are YUMMY!  I bought them once thinking they were a different cookies and tried them.. and well, yeah, I love them.  And at $.95 cents a package, I buy them every payday.  When I feel like something sweet, I make some Chai Latte and grab 6 of these.  *six is the suggested serving*  They are not toooo sweet, with a hint of coconut.  I’m in love!

Oh.. and dinner tonight is Taco Salad!  Yeah!  My kids love it, cuz I make all of the stuff for taco’s and let them load up their bowls.  To make the bowls, I take a flour tortilla, drape it onto a cereal bowl, spray with my Pampered Chef Oil Spritzer, and bake in the oven till crispy.  Yum!  I even bought an Avacado that I don’t have to share with anyone!  Okay, so no one else likes them.. but that’s not the point.  And.. I’ve already decided to have Grilled Chicken sandwiches with White Cheddar Shells for dinner tomorrow.  (the shells are noodle-roni!!!)


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