Busy Morning…

After 2 (or 3) cups o’ joe I decided that I had to find a project for the morning… I decided it was time to take the China Cabinet from Winter/ChristmasChina Cabinet at ChristmasChina Cabinet at ChristmasChina Cabinet at Christmas

To Winter/Red to match the kitchen.  I got the 4 piece red dishes off of Freecycle before I moved here from Colorado and haven’t really used all of them.  Actually its 4 pieces plus 3 extra dinner plates.  Soo.. here’s what I came up with for this time of the year~ Red/White China Cabinet

I mixed my old white plates with it and came up with a red and white theme.  I used my fruit bowl and a bunch of Hydrangea’s in a basket to “round out” the look.  I’m satisfied with it for now.  The doors stay closed most of the time so, no one really notices it but me anyway! 

  So.. while I was putting away the Christmas/Winter dishes I found that I have a storage problem.  I have WAY too many dishes and NOT enough storage space.  So, I cleared out two kitchen cabinets and came up with this solution.. It will work until I need to get the Spring/Easter stuff out.. I think I have most of it on top so it won’t be too hard to get in there and get what I need. 

   other dish storage                       cabinet over the fridge

At least now I can see where everything is!!!  Here’s the side of the kitchen that has these cabinets~

fridge side of the kitchen

WOW!  My fridge is a Mess!!!  I’ll post later on about dinners.. I gotta run to deliver lunch to Jojo who left it sitting on the counter!!!


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  1. I love the hutch makeover. And I see that you are a basket collector, you will have to post some pics of that too. OOOOOOHH!! and I LOVE your red kitchen aid mixer, I’m envious. I have my mom’s 30 yr old beige kitchen aid, it works like a charm, so I can’t really justify buying a new one just for the color 😉


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