A Two Hour Delay???

sopie in the snowThis morning we woke up to some snow.. about 1 1/2 inches of snow… and of course, news of a two hour delay.  I just had to laugh!  We moved here from Colorado last summer and this is the first “winter” we’ve had.  1 1/2 inches that will probably be gone by this afternoon.  My dogs were even laughing.. (see photo)

  The worst part is.. everyone becomes brave and tries to drive.  Not only do they drive, they use 4 wheel drive.  You DO NOT need 4 wheel drive in 1 1/2 inches of snow.. and you definitely don’t need it if there is ICE below the snow.  I almost was hit by a man in his HUGE truck, obviously in 4 wheel drive… that slid on the ice.  I was just sitting at a stop sign, waiting to leave my son’s school.  I just rolled down my window and told him he was a BIG IDIOT~  He glared and asked what I knew.  I just rolled my eyes and watched him slide some more on the ice.  Like I said.. IDIOT!

  So, now I’m waiting to take my daughter to school.. it starts at 11:00.  She gets out at 2:30 today.. its early day.  What a waste!  Who asked me though!!!

 Pictured is Sophie wondering what the fuss is all about, she is an Eskimo!  And Sully wanting to be out barking at all of the kids!!  Poor Guy~!!!

Sully at the door



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3 responses to “A Two Hour Delay???

  1. 1 1/2 inches of snow? And what are you doing out in the snow? We had 6 inches of rain yesterday. I visited my son about 70 miles from me and I took that dang train! We went so slow over a small mountain pass because the Metrolink derailed Friday morning because of a landslide. I could have walked faster. Oh well, at least they were going a safe speed. Safe if the word for the day.

  2. deepfriedapplepies

    LOL! I totally agree with you.. Safety First, BUT- sometimes its just rediculous!! I’d rather have the snow.. we get enough rain around here!!! 6 inches.. YUCK!!! I’m glad you were safe on the train!!!

  3. LOL you know, some people are just not used to snow, so when they get a little everything stops and everyone panics LOL

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