Lemon Cake..YUM!

Yesterday I had a thought… Yes, it is January, and Yes, the gloom and doom of Washington’s Winter has set in.  I needed Sunshine.. NEEEEEDED it!  So, on my Sunday trip to the grocery store, I bought the ingredients for Lemon Cake.  Lemon Poke Cake to be exact.  With all of its Lemony Moist Goodness (is that really the correct way of saying it?? Who cares!)  I came home and prepared the usual Football Food.. Chili Cheese Dip for the men in my life, so that I could be uninterupted during my Quest for the Sun.  And.. it turned out FABULOUS!  I will post a picture when the camera battery gets charged.. don’t you just hate that?  I even had a piece for breakfast!  Shh.. don’t tell my diet!

  Our weekend has been fairly uneventful.  Saturday night I went to a Pampered Chef party at one of my friends.  The Consultant seemed very nervous.. and it was a small party, only about 6 guests.  I decided to have one at my house next month.  I told her I will have a few more guests, and she said it was no problem.. We’ll see how it turns out.  The one thing about being a Mililtary Wife and having these parties is that many of your guests will come out of curiosity.  I know that I’m guilty of it.  I wanna see how so-and so decorates, what the floor plan is of what’s her names.  So.. I gotta keep on the decorating ball.  So, today we are sanding out hearts out!  My daughter’s bedroom furniture is the 70’s yellowish whitewash color.. we are sanding off that finish and Shabby Chic’ing it up.  She has a beautiful Quilt that my Mom made for her, and its all cute in there.. except the furniture.  So that HAS to be done before the party.  Also the guest bathroom.. gotta find a new direction in there.. or something.  I love the colors, Yellow and Navy.. but there really isn’t any Decor in there.  A great Print that I bought in Italy is all.  So, I will be on a mission to find something perfect for in there… Maybe some Red, or Apple Green.. I don’t know. 

  Dinners have been sporatic around here this weekend.  Friday night I caved in and ordered Pizza.  We tried the New Pizza Mia from Pizza Hut.. it was okay, the crust was more like bread.. very soft.  Dinner Saturday was the food served at the Party.. the boys ate McDonald’s and the girl was at a Sleepover.  Last night we had Sloppy Joes and tater tots.  Quick and easy after a long day of nothing.. oh yes, and a slice of lemon cake!  Tonight.. Loaded Potato Soup and Homemade Bread.. and yes.. more lemon cake!!!


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  1. I can see that by the time you have your party, the entire house will be redecorated, your wallet will be empty and you will be 5 pounds heavier from the lemon cake. 🙂

    I looove lemon anything!

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