My first TAG!

I’ve been tagged !!!

Thanks , Stephanie , for tagging me ! This could be interesting ……….
I need to list 7 weird things about myself. So, here we go :1. A year ago I hardly wore jeans.. now I wear them every day!

2. I won’t let anyone load the diswasher, or unload it either!!

3. I don’t like tomatoes, but I love anything made from them

4. I have to fold everything as soon as it comes out of the dryer.. or else I will run the dryer all day keeping them warm and unwrinkled

5. I hate to play cards!  Or boardgames!

6. I would rather go out for a burger than to a fancy restaraunt
7. I want to live somewhere that it snows in feet rather than inches!
Now, that I have listed those 7 things, Im feeling a little……. abnormal ! Please somebody have some weirder things than me!
Heres who I tag now

Megan @ The Philadelphia Experience

Sandra@ Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

4UrPets@ 4URPets



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3 responses to “My first TAG!

  1. Hi Deep Fried Apple Pies: Thanks for tagging me! I was also tagged with this very same meme. I think they call it the Lucky 7 Meme. Anyway, since I have already been tagged, I thought I would steer you over to my post. It’s called “7 THINGS ABOUT MY DOGS”

  2. This was fun to read, thank you for the tag 🙂

  3. I do not like tomatoes either. Yuck!!! Good list, you are not to weird.

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