Sun? What Sun?

Soooo.. the weatherman officially lied today.  Seriously.  He said it would be sunny and cold.. well, where is the sun???  It sure is cold though!!  I took the dogs down to the beach for a walk, (3 miles) and I wore 3 layers!  I did get a good sweat towards the end of the walk, but it took a long while to warm up this morning!  I came home and did a strength training video, (‘m working on getting rid of the arm flapping!) I’m sure I will feel that later on.. I still am sore from Monday’s!  The dogs are passed out from our walk.  I go to an area on the base where I can let them off leash, they don’t ever go any further than about 20 feet from me, but they can explore a bit.  I wanted to get closer to the water to look for some sea glass.. but they were tooo busy sniffing!  And Sophie would never get close enough that she may fall in!!  She hates to be wet!  Yesterday it was sunny.. so I took a break from the workout and cleaned like a madwoman!  I still was sweating by the end, so I’m sure I burned a few calories and the house looked great till everyone came home and dumped their stuff!  I need to tidy it back up today.. Amazing how much better I feel when my surroundings look the way I want them too.   

  We had Steak Tips and Noodles for dinner last night with a huge Salad.. so it was semi-healthy.  The hardest part of this “getting healthy to loose weight” is evenings.. I’ve been craving a snack!  I’ve made a vow to myself to not eat anything after 7:30, so I’ve been having a cup of decaf Chai Tea with some splenda and non-fat milk.  I have found that the warm sweetness gets me over the craving.. at least for this week!  I’m trying to drink all of my water during the day, and that is hard for me too.  I’m not really thirsty here in Washington, not at all like I was in Colorado.  The climate change has made me terrible about keeping track of that.  I finally printed out a chart from chart junge that keeps me in check.  Check out their website.  They have lots of great printouts! 

  I’ve been in a crafting slump lately.  I can’t seem to find something that will hold my interest.  I have a few stitcheries that I’ve started, but not finished.. and have a few people who are wanting one for Valentines.. maybe the pressure will get me over the hump!  I bought a few new patterns to use.. I’ll post them when I’m done~  Admitting to it here may get me on the ball, at least I hope so!

  Dinner tonight.. hmmm… Still thinking about that.  I will update later on when I make a decision..   I’m craving bread or carbs of some kind.. I will search through the cabinet and see what I have~  I’ll be back later on for an update on that!

*update.. dinner was chicken alfredo with whole wheat pasta.. yum!



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2 responses to “Sun? What Sun?

  1. Sophie doesn’t like the water? Don’t Eskies like water? You would think they would ‘cuz they like snow…and snow melts (see how my mind works?)

    I too am constantly on a diet. My biggest sin is snacking at night. I find that one slice of whole wheat bread and a little peanut butter does the trick for me. Also a 100 calorie bag of popcorn and a diet soda does wonders.

  2. deepfriedapplepies

    Sophie HATES water! She will figure out where the last drop ends when I’m watering the yard and sit about a foot behind that! Sullivan doesn’t mind it.. he will explore a little bit at the beach. I’m sure once its warmer outside, and in the water he will go in a little more!
    Dieting is the pits, isn’t it??? I also like a banana with a tbs of peanut butter! I’m terrible about eating something I don’t really want and then still looking for whatever it was that I wanted!

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