I have to laugh…

Okay.. I’m a football fan, well, sorta.  I absolutely LOVE to watch my son play football (I’m in the group of Mom’s yelling at the top of my lungs,) and by birth I’m a Wyoming Cowboys Fan (GO POKES!)  I love to watch the Navy Football team.. and I confess, I am now a Giants fan.  This is Definitely much to my family’s disgust.  Hubs and Jojo love the Rams, Packer’s.. even will cheer on anyone playing the Patriots.. but I’m all for Eli!  I will admit, I’m a fan out of pity.  I love an underdog.. and Eli is definitely the underdog of the Manning family!  Can you imagine BEING Eli Manning?  So.. I am tickled that the Giants are headed to the next round of the playoffs and the Colt’s aren’t!  You gotta know that Eli called to brag!  Sorry Peyton.. I’m rootin’ for Eli!

  Today has been a YUCKY day weather wise.. so I did my On Demand Fit TV workout.  I did a strength training and a cardio.  Ended up with a 50 minute workout.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.. I may wanna roll over and die!  Hubs told me of a path on the base that is a 3 mile round trip, so if the weather is good, I’ll walk it tomorrow.  He ran 1/2 of it today.. he said the wind was awful!

  Dinner tonight is Chicken Quesadilla’s.  Shredded spicy chicken with cheese.  I’ll make some Cilantro Lime Rice and some non-fat refried beans to have with it.  Maybe a salad.. definitely Avacados!  They were $1.00 a pound at the commissary yesterday.. I got three for 1.25.  I LOVE avacado’s!  Of course, I didn’t like them one bit when my Grandparents lived in Anaheim, CA and had a tree in the backyard.. Stupid Me!  I had leftover baked beans for lunch with some wheat thins.  Still full.. and a Chai Latte this afternoon to warm up.. I have found that Chai is perfect for the afternoon.. not too much caffeine.. but enough to kick in for the rest of the afternoon.  Tonight’s tv, probably nothing.. probably will end up watching Dance War~  Won’t Hubs love that??? 

  Just checked the window.. the sun is TRYING to peek through the clouds, otherwise known in the Pacific Northwest as a Sunbreak.  Funny word.. its sooooo cold out though, I’m glad I have no where to go today~!!!

    Here’s my latest (and largest) decorating dilema.  A friend gave me this Entertainment Center. Entertainment Center

I love it.. its just a little more Mexican Rustic than I like… this is more my style..


or this

Hoosier Cabinet  Sooooo.. any ideas on how to make it more Prim?  I can’t decide if I should paint it black..  all of my living room furniture is painted black.. should I leave it pine?  Red?  Give me some ideas Please!!!



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3 responses to “I have to laugh…

  1. Have a Marguerita and paint it black.

    I think I’ll have a McDonald’s Cheeseburger for dinner. 🙂

  2. Gen

    i think your e center would be nice painted red since you have everything else done in black. Red would really make it pop. but it will look great no matter what you paint it.

  3. I love your hoosier!! I would go red for the entertainment center, but I would have to see the whole room to be sure. What a great friend to give you that!


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