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Today was the day…

Actually, the day that every woman dreds.  Today was the day that the Underwire on my last good underwire bra snapped in half.  Of course, it did this while I was at my Daughter’s School Volunteering.  And of course, I live in a town where Wal Mart and K Mart are the only places to shop.. yes, I’m serious.. yes, I hate that!  And yes.. I should have not waited till I was down to my last underwire bra.  I do have a few others, but they give me a uni-boob, so I don’t wear them often.   So, after I left the school I headed to Wal Mart.  Ugh.. I hate buying bras, but definitely hate buying them somewhere that I don’t get a great fit or a decent bra for my money.  I found ONE, yes ONE underwire minimizer bra in my size.  I bought it.. 18.95  or something.  Its just okay.. it will work, and I can use it as a spare.  But, I WILL head off this blasted island this weekend and go to a department store and get some nice bra’s.  Hopefully someone is having a sale!!!

Let’s see.. anything else??  OH!!  I finished my daughter’s furniture!  I have it all moved in.. here are the pic’s…  (except her desk chair.. it needs a new seat!)  Don’t you just love the Crazy Daisy Quilt???  My Mom made it for her!  She’s finishing up a Matching Dust Ruffle and some Pillow Shams that match.  I Can’t Wait!!!  One of my friends loaned me the dust ruffle on there now.  Her bedframe broke when we moved here.. so for now she has two boxsprings holding her up.  I kind of like that she can’t stuff things under there!!  I’m getting a new one this weekend..but I think I’ll keep both of the box springs on there to make her bed “high”… 

Headboard and nightstand




That’s it!!!  I’m VERY happy about how everything turned out.  Its so nice and bright in there.. especially great on Gloomy Cloudy Washington Days!!  Next project.. the 14 year old Boy’s room!!

  Dinner tonight.. as if anyone is still reading.. is Grilled Chicken Sandwiches.. I think I said that yesterday.. I’m rambling.  Have a good one everyone!

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Tag! I’m it!!

I’ve been tagged by Tiff @ Folded Gingham.  It’s all about 4 things!  Looks fun~  Thanks Tiff!

4  movies I’d watch over and over:    Beaches, Hope Floats, Under the Tuscan Sun, and Miss Congeniality.

4 places I have lived:   Evanston, WY, Naples Italy, Colorado Springs, CO, and Gulfport, MS

4 shows that I watch:   House, LOST (Yeah, it starts tonight!!!), American Idol, Greys Anatomy

4 places I have been:    Rome, Capri, Honolulu, San Diego.

4 people who email me: My Mom, Carmen, Hubs, ???

4 favorite things to eat : Chinese Food, Seafood, Chocoate, Popcorn

4 places I would rather be:   Closer to Family, Honolulu (where I was SUPPOSED TO BE, thanks US Navy, LOL), Italy, Someplace Sunny!

4 things that I look forward to this year: Working outside on our yard, My Mom and Brother coming for Spring Break, SUMMER! and hopefully getting a bit more organized!

4 people to tag:  My Yellow Farmhouse, the Nester at The Nesting Place, Steph at The Hearts of Hartman, Ruthann at Warm Pie Happy Home .  Don’t feel like you have to do this.. its fun though!

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‘Nother Post

Okay.. I really don’t have anything exciting to say.. except..

Have you ever had these???                     Coconut Cookies

The are Murray Coconut Bars.. and they are YUMMY!  I bought them once thinking they were a different cookies and tried them.. and well, yeah, I love them.  And at $.95 cents a package, I buy them every payday.  When I feel like something sweet, I make some Chai Latte and grab 6 of these.  *six is the suggested serving*  They are not toooo sweet, with a hint of coconut.  I’m in love!

Oh.. and dinner tonight is Taco Salad!  Yeah!  My kids love it, cuz I make all of the stuff for taco’s and let them load up their bowls.  To make the bowls, I take a flour tortilla, drape it onto a cereal bowl, spray with my Pampered Chef Oil Spritzer, and bake in the oven till crispy.  Yum!  I even bought an Avacado that I don’t have to share with anyone!  Okay, so no one else likes them.. but that’s not the point.  And.. I’ve already decided to have Grilled Chicken sandwiches with White Cheddar Shells for dinner tomorrow.  (the shells are noodle-roni!!!)

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Busy Morning…

After 2 (or 3) cups o’ joe I decided that I had to find a project for the morning… I decided it was time to take the China Cabinet from Winter/ChristmasChina Cabinet at ChristmasChina Cabinet at ChristmasChina Cabinet at Christmas

To Winter/Red to match the kitchen.  I got the 4 piece red dishes off of Freecycle before I moved here from Colorado and haven’t really used all of them.  Actually its 4 pieces plus 3 extra dinner plates.  Soo.. here’s what I came up with for this time of the year~ Red/White China Cabinet

I mixed my old white plates with it and came up with a red and white theme.  I used my fruit bowl and a bunch of Hydrangea’s in a basket to “round out” the look.  I’m satisfied with it for now.  The doors stay closed most of the time so, no one really notices it but me anyway! 

  So.. while I was putting away the Christmas/Winter dishes I found that I have a storage problem.  I have WAY too many dishes and NOT enough storage space.  So, I cleared out two kitchen cabinets and came up with this solution.. It will work until I need to get the Spring/Easter stuff out.. I think I have most of it on top so it won’t be too hard to get in there and get what I need. 

   other dish storage                       cabinet over the fridge

At least now I can see where everything is!!!  Here’s the side of the kitchen that has these cabinets~

fridge side of the kitchen

WOW!  My fridge is a Mess!!!  I’ll post later on about dinners.. I gotta run to deliver lunch to Jojo who left it sitting on the counter!!!

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A Two Hour Delay???

sopie in the snowThis morning we woke up to some snow.. about 1 1/2 inches of snow… and of course, news of a two hour delay.  I just had to laugh!  We moved here from Colorado last summer and this is the first “winter” we’ve had.  1 1/2 inches that will probably be gone by this afternoon.  My dogs were even laughing.. (see photo)

  The worst part is.. everyone becomes brave and tries to drive.  Not only do they drive, they use 4 wheel drive.  You DO NOT need 4 wheel drive in 1 1/2 inches of snow.. and you definitely don’t need it if there is ICE below the snow.  I almost was hit by a man in his HUGE truck, obviously in 4 wheel drive… that slid on the ice.  I was just sitting at a stop sign, waiting to leave my son’s school.  I just rolled down my window and told him he was a BIG IDIOT~  He glared and asked what I knew.  I just rolled my eyes and watched him slide some more on the ice.  Like I said.. IDIOT!

  So, now I’m waiting to take my daughter to school.. it starts at 11:00.  She gets out at 2:30 today.. its early day.  What a waste!  Who asked me though!!!

 Pictured is Sophie wondering what the fuss is all about, she is an Eskimo!  And Sully wanting to be out barking at all of the kids!!  Poor Guy~!!!

Sully at the door


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Who doesn’t love Pie???

Just a quick post to say that I ran across this blog this morning.. and well,  I’m in love!  What a great home.. and what a great motto!  Go over and have a peek!  And her kitchen.. To Die For!!!

Warm Pie, Happy Home

   Off to paint.. Only 1 piece to sand and paint.. then I shall be done!  YEAH!!!!

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Another Day, another post…

It’s been a few days.. more than a few!  AND.. before I could snatch a shot at the lemon cake, it was gone.. and *insert clapping* I only had 2 small pieces!  Yeah!!!  Okay, so I had the second piece for breakfast yesterday.. that’s life!

 Anyway.. I’ve been busy busy.. painting the furniture for the girls room.  I’ve gotten her nightstand, her desk and the headboard almost done.  I even got the curtain rod that I bought 3 months ago hung up.  I’m waiting on the rings to dry so that I can hang the valance that matches her quilt.  (Thank You Mom!)  She is well on her way to a very girlie room!  Not that she’s ever had anything else.. but this time it will allllll be coordinated!  I’m taking advantage of the 2 more days of sunshine *take that as a break in the clouds every once in a while* that we are supposed to have the next couple of days to finish everything up.  I had to fill the holes on 4 drawers on the big dresser to fit the new hardware that I bought for it.  I couldn’t find anything in the size that the current hardware is that I liked.  Needless to say.. the house is trashed because I’ve focused only on this project.  I hate it when that happens!  I even made 2 trips to Ace Hardware, 2 trips to Home Depot and a trip to Wal-Mart to get supplies!  Hopefully I’m set to finish~ Pictures to follow!

  Lets see… dinners, hmmmm, its been so uneventful that I hate to mention.  Last night, grilled cheese with tomato soup.  The night before.. freezer cleanout!  Chicken strips, fish sticks, broccoli, green beans.. and a rice mix to go with!  Now, I can go to the commissary and have some space to put new groceries..  Tonight I’m making Tamale Pie   I saw the recipe on Sandra’s website and it looks YUMMY!!!  I have a few things left for a salad that I need to use.. so that will be our side dish~

  Now.. off to finish painting.. Here’s what the doggies are doing this morning.. aren’t they cute???



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